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Q. I'm having trouble logging into the CMEgateway.

A. The CMEgateway is a third party not-for-profit website and is not a part of your Participating Medical Organization webpage. If you are a first time visitor to CMEgateway you will need to create an account. To do this click on the "Sign Up Now" link located in the lower left corner of the CMEgateway homepage.

Q. I already have an account, but I can't remember my gateway login information.

A. If you have already created an account but cannot remember your login information you can request it by clicking on the "I lost my password or no longer have access to the email address my account is registered with" Please note that you will need to use the email address that you registered your account for the CMEgateway to receive your login information.

Q. I do not have access to the email address I used to register with the

A. Do not create a new account. We can update your account and add your contact information. Please email and include your full name, old email address and current email address in order to receive information about logging into your account.

Q. I can't add a Participating Organization to my account.

A. In the Participating Organizations section of the CMEgateway, select Opt In next to the participating organization that you belong to. To link your CMEgateway account to the participating organizations you will need your user name/member ID and password for each participating organization. If you do not know your user information then you will need to contact that participating organization individually.

Q. I've added a Participating Organization to my CMEgateway account, but I'm missing credits.

A. Credits are issued and managed by the individual organizations. If you are missing credits or not seeing credits earned, you will need to contact that particular participating organization individually. A list of contact information for each participating organization can be found by selecting Contact Participating Organizations.

Q. Can I self-enter credits into the CMEgateway?

A. Unfortunately not. The CMEgateway lists participating organization verified earned credits only.

Q. I have opted to share my CME credits with the ABR. Why aren't my credits showing up on my personal ABR page?

A. Individual CME credits from the CME Gateway will no longer be displayed on your myABR account due to the ABR's migration to the "Simplified Attestation" system.

On January 4, 2016, the ABR released a "Simplified Attestation" in myABR. With simplified attestation, all diplomates have to do is attest (by clicking 'I Attest') to completing all MOC requirements. Diplomates can no longer manually enter and/or track their credits in their myABR account via the Gateway. However, if a diplomate's CME Gateway account is connected to the ABR's website (myABR) and if the accumulated credits meet the Part 2 MOC requirement, the Gateway will automatically attest as 'Completed' for the diplomate.

Q. Can other Medical Organizations become a partner on the CMEgateway?

A. For information on becoming a participating organization, please contact