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What is the CME Gateway?

The CME Gateway is an aggregating tool that allows a user to collect CME from participating organizations. Users also have the ability to push the certified credits to participating CME reporting organizations as well as apply for the AMA PRA Award. This tool is completely free to members of the participating organizations.

For a list of participating organizations CLICK HERE.

How it Works

The gateway requests information from participating organizations for individuals by cross-referencing a unique user name and member ID for each organization to your created CME gateway account. A gateway user's member ID is then used to collect and aggregate CME data from participating organizations to generate online reports. Register with any of the CME Gateway participating organizations by inputting your username and password for each participating organization. By registering your CME Gateway account with these organizations you will have the ability to generate aggregate CME earned reports. The CME Gateway is not a long-term CME storage facility. Storage of CME credits remains in the control of each participating organization. Each organization shares only the data they wish to share.

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